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Blas Ortiz


I first met Obe in the fall of 2010 when the gym I was training in a Boxing/MMA gym was closing and he was taking over. A group of us (MMA fighters) who had no home now but wanted to stay waited for the new owner (Obe) to see if he would allow us to stay and continue to train and with no hesitation on were welcomed with open arms. 

Since then he's not only been a trainer/mentor of mine but someone I can truly call family. He not only taught me a new way of training but motivated me to become a trainer under his tutelage. 

His knowledge of combining different training techniques is a true gift. Knowing how to apply the right movements for speed and agility along with strength and conditioning like a mad scientist cooking in a lab he was able to transform your average person into an athlete and your athlete into a national champion. 

Obe's training is not only about transforming you physically and mentally but it will carry over to other aspects in your life. 








Andy Thom

aka MustacheMan

I first met Obe when he took over a boxing gym I was already teaching and training at. Nothing against Obe, but I loved the gym and wasn't looking for a change of any kind. Obe already had a rep for being a great trainer in the Valley and I was told that having him take over our space was a big deal. Obe allowed me to continue teaching my classes yet I hadn't seized the opportunity to train under him directly. Later, friends of mine who started to train with Obe began to tell me how revolutionary his workouts were. Always a skeptic, I had to see what I was missing. Training under Obe flipped the script on me. His workouts weren't about building beach muscles. They were about good old-fashioned functional strength. Although simple, the workouts pushed you to your limits both physically AND mentally.

It was during this time that I decided to film an Obe workout and put it to music. At the time I had just started running Tough Mudders. It was the very first video I ever filmed and uploaded to YouTube and surprisingly the video went viral and today has over 2.5 million views. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with all the notoriety that I received as a result of that video. I could have very easily turned the camera around and filmed another gym member and the results may have been the same. I wasn't doing anything all that special. And most importantly, I didn't create the workout. Obe did. He has always been the unsung genius behind my viral video. There is no MustacheMan without Obatala Roundtree.

Under Obe's training, I've had a few physical accomplishments like running in several ultra-marathons, the longest of which was 75 miles and being part of a team that took a close second place in the annual 24-hour endurance event World's Toughest Mudder.

I am now living in Los Angeles and I've been to many different gyms and Crossfit boxes trying to fill that Full Circle Training void but have been unsuccessful. Sure I've found great places to workout but the big thing that is missing is FAMILY. Once you are part of the FCTfit family you will understand.


Tyler Herrera


I started training with Obe when I was 18 years old. I am now 32. Through the years of training with Obe, his custom workouts have challenged me every day. The workouts have mentally and physically prepared me and my body how to overcome self-doubt or questioning what I was able to do. If it wasn’t the workout challenging me it was Obe's motivation to help me and push me. I explained to Obe how I wanted to become a police officer and I would need to get ready for the academy.  Not only did Obe show me how to train to save my life and get me through the academy he also prepared me for real-world situations by being able to adapt workouts that would benefit me. I wouldn’t be the person I am today or have the career I have today if he wasn’t for him. Obe is able to customize workouts for beginners to the extremely advanced. These workouts are not only for physical strength but mental strength too. Whatever your level is he will challenge you with his workouts and motivate you to be better than you thought you were capable of.



Miss Sharon


I was born with polio and have had many surgeries which caused me to have a plate in my right foot, my right leg is smaller than my left and I walked with a limp all my life.  Going forward and many years later I was diagnosed with, on the right side, osteoporosis.

Later on, in life, my strength on the right side was getting weak, I ended up having to walk with a cane.

I practically gave up ever having strength beyond walking without my cane.

Then I met Mr. Roundtree, who ran a gym and I asked him and I told him, I was not joining to lose weight, was there any exercises that can put strength back in my right side or at least to keep it from getting worse? He said sure I will work with you!

He did exercises to build strength in my right side and showed me the right equipment in the gym to use to build strength in my right side.

I started coming to the gym 3 days a week, He worked with me, showed me the right equipment that he said would build strength in my right side.

I was so overjoyed when I started not using my cane! I cried with joy. I couldn't believe it.  Strength was coming back on my right side!  Instead of getting worse like the doctors said it would eventually do, it reversed and got better.

Thank GOD for Obe Roundtree!  My happiness came back.


Alex Figueroa



Working out with Obe in 2008, his training pushes you to be the best version of yourself. I honestly can say Obe prepared me for college football and my current assignment today. Obe is one of the most genuine individuals I have ever met. He takes your weaknesses and makes them your strengths. His workouts take every bit of your mental and physical energy. You literally grow every day you attend one of his training sessions. Obe made me see workouts as a positive lifestyle, not an obligation! “Excuse make or break men, consistency shows who you truly are!” 

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